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Faculty Directory

Mr. Velazquez-Principal

Ms. Johnston-Assistant Principal

Ms. Castro

Ms. Wineman

Ms. Cook-T Kinder

Ms. Crain

Ms. Dutra
Ms. Kelly

Ms. Marsalek

Ms. Campbell

Ms. Grimaldo

Ms. Howell

Ms. Meyers

Ms. Abel-Job share with Ms. Appel

Ms. Appel-Job share with Ms. Abel

Ms. Brunello

Ms. Janssen

Ms. Torres

Ms. Andrade

Ms. Calanchini

Ms. Tolentino

Mr. Waggoner

Ms. Zielke

Ms. Bigger

Ms. A Moore

Ms. N Moore

Ms. Payne

Ms. Benitez

Ms. Kirkwood

Ms. Weeks

Ms. Zarling

Ms. Cronomiz

Ms. Romine

Ms. Valles

Mr. Waiters

Ms. Dooly-ELD

Ms. Johnson-Intervention

Ms. Philley-Resource

Ms. Wright-Speech

Ms. Cabrera-1st/2nd Grades

Ms. Flores-5th/6th Grades

Ms. Funkhouser-3rd/4th Grades

Ms. Tilley-TK/Kinder

Ms. Ailman

Ms. Kunce